Office Removals

Everything in its place but at a new location

Intermove is well prepared for this kind of work. The simplest thing for a company wanting to start work again as fast as possible after moving is to call Intermove in.

From in-company removals to complete removals.
We implement all kinds of office removals regardless of size. Technicians and specialists for EDP and IT assist in planning so that any possible problem which might emerge can be detected beforehand.

Office removals are a matter of trust.

Contact us for a consultation interview. Should you require them we will happily provide references.
Seamless service means security right from the planning stage onwards.
Our portfolio for office removals at a glance:

  • In-company office removals
  • Complete relocation
  • Worldwide production relocation
  • Transport of machinery
  • Administratin removals and removals due to re-organisation
  • Care taker services
  • EDP + IT removals
  • Room planning and workplace design with Feng-Shui counselling upon request

We are more than happy offer a free quote and comprehensive guidance. When using our resources and facilities we have to keep an eye on the environment and use e.g. environmentally-friendly packaging. To be up to that we are in constant dialogue with our manufacturers and suppliers.

Contact our office removal team directly